Sandcastle Builder

Download Sandcastle Builder for FREE today and build your dream sandcastles anywhere and anytime you have access to your device. Fans of builder games will be familiar with the concept of this game: build the most impressive sandcastle to pass each level. Sandcastle Builder is a simple construction game for kids and children that will challenge them to build sandcastles with limited shapes to pass each level.

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Simple gameplay

No bucket, no spade. In this sandbox, we provide you with the squares, towers, doors, windows, flags, and windmills. Build the best sand castle and win!

Cool graphics

Simple but attractive cartoon graphic that will make you feel you are at the beach in summer!

Beat the clock

To add more challenge, we give you a time limit. If you can’t satisfy our requirement within the allocated time, the game will be over.

Compete with your friends

Build sandcastles and earn the highest scores! Be the master of sand games!


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Frequently asked questions

What is the point of the game?

The aim is to build the best sandcastle you can from the tools you have available.

How do I end the game?

Currently The game must be ended manually. We have released the game very early and want to develop it with your feedback to create something really great.

You can download Sandcastle Builder from the iOS App Store

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